For me, ambient is an illuminated moment, a seized prism, a record… ambient is about light defining form from the encroaching shadows.

Through my experiences with imagery, it was photography that gave new meaning and depth through light and shadow. Form, texture or the lack thereof came from light and its juxtaposition to shadow. It is no coincidence that light & darkness is coined value in artistic terms.

I consider myself a cross-disciplinary artist — besides photography, I work in film, illustration, design, sculpture, etc. when i first started this venture, my focus was fine art. Life took me on a very different journey and each artistic field has added to my palette something invaluable. To see the couple of light & darkness through the lens of an illustrator, or photographer, or filmmaker is one thing. To see light through the lens of all three simultaneously is another.

I’m located in Herriman, Utah.


ImageBrief: http://imagebrief.com/photographers/thayne

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ambientphoto

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thaynerw

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/thaynerw/ambient-photo

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